okay, so I like JUST realized this last night-ish, but my beautiful and cuddly cat is like 2 times the size he should be! kinda creepy, right?!?!?!

so now, for the benefit of all cats with the same issue, (in my cats case, his condition is EXTREME laziness and the habit of eating everyone (ie, the other pets) food.) I have included ways for you to help them:

  1. do tail lifts with them ( meaning when you pet their backs, pet their tails and make them go up.)
  2. give the other pets in your house a break by watching them eat so that when there done, the greedy pet cant swoop down and take their food.
  3. limit that pets food intake by picking up their food after a minute so that they cannot continue eating past their health.(only downside to this is that your pet may eat to quickly than throw up.)
  4. put them on a diet (3 leaves of lettuce per day, Garfield!)
  5. your pet may think it is ok for the other pets of the house to eat his food, so you MUST make sure that they under stand to just eat their food.

one more thing : my cat weighs more than my dog. 🙂