Why is music sooooo sad?

Ok, so i tottally love the radio. And music. All of my friends do! But what i dont get is why music is so creative, and yet tottally un-creative. Its always all about love and haert break, or getting over a guy, or pretty girls, or whatever. It is seriously rediculous. Camt somebody write something upbeat already?!

Katy Perry music always has a very danceable melody, and she also has a good voice. Some of her lyrics are good too. But about 99% of her music is now totally rediculous. Last Friday Night, for example. She has such an amazing voice, so i dont get why she has to cuss and act all “I’m rich and famous and i can afford to live in this lifestyle. If you have heard the song, you know what i mean.

Adele has a truley amazing voice and style. I honestly dont think her kimd of voice comes around very often. But all she sings about is heart break, and boys. Its so depressing. Rollong in the deep, though, seems more stand up to a boyish then cower and cry when you leave meish, like someone like you. More upbeat, please!!!!!

Kelly Clarkson is one of the few exeptions to the ‘all about heartbreak and giving in to idiot boys’ stereotype for music. My favoorite songs by her are things like break away, mr know it all, and stronger. My favorite of thoose would have to be mr know it all because basically what she is saying is “shut up, leave me alone, and get a life because you are totally oblivious” or something. Please, keep singing