This is hilarious, and it made me laugh, because it can be related to everyone. Enjoy, people!

Brent The Gent

As my 30th birthday is quickly approaching, it has become undeniable to me that I am becoming what I said I’d never be, out of touch. In my late teens and early 20’s I always said I’ll never get sick of the newest songs on the radio, I’d never hate the coolest new movies, I’d never watch the grown up shows and stick with the youthful casts on the popular shows etc. etc. etc. Well guess what. I can’t stand any of that stuff anymore. I got old, how did this happen. I even think about getting heartburn before I eat. Maybe I should ask for some Pepto Bismol for my birthday.

Over the course of my life I went from a Fisher Price cassette player, to a ghetto blaster with cd and cassette, then a disman, car stereo with subwoofers, minidisc player, then an mp3 player. Now I have…

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