I hope no one laughs at these too much ūüôā

the haunting of Westminster Abbey

I glanced at my watch. 11:59 on the dot. one minute before shift changes. one minute before they said the ghosts came out. I shivered. not because it was cold, but because the idea of Elizabeth I floating around and moaning kind of scared me. I walked around the halls, not really paying attention, chatting with the other night guard. then we heard the front door creak open. “finally”¬†I said, sighing with relief. it was fifteen minutes¬†late, and we were both exhausted, but also relived to finally be off duty. “hey!” my partner called, “its dark! where are you?” in response, we heard a shriek.we ran down the beautiful marble hall, shouting.”were are you?” and “what happened?” but we didn’t¬†hear anything else. we only had a strange sensation of being watched. i¬†felt cold air on my neck, heard a long, low moan. i¬†had a sense of falling, and the world dissolving in black

I¬†awoke to bright lights and bold lights, but not, in this case, in a wonderful italian restaurant. people were yelling and frantically speed walking through the room, since I’m¬†sure that running was absolutely¬†not permitted. I¬†felt needles in my arm, but I¬†didn’t¬†even bother looking. I¬†had learned¬†a long time ago that when I¬†saw needles in someone’s skin, I¬†threw up. so instead I¬†tried to concentrate¬†on what was going on around me. when the crowd finally cleared and everyone had gone, I¬†breathed¬†a big sigh of relief. a nurse in purple and green patterned scrubs came into the room, raised my bed to a sitting position, and started talking. she explained how three people had been found dead in the Abbey, and I¬†had fainted. she said that I hadn’t¬†really been hurt, just a concussion and stuff, but they had been worried I was dead.

apparently, going missing after midnight in a supposedly haunted place worries people. who knew.

I settled into my wheel chair, as a nurse pushed me, i thought about how far i had fallin in a day. now all my docters thought i was insane for seeing a ghost, AND they were going to make me come back for physical therapy. all those precautions, and they STILL thought that i was fine to go back to work tomorow. stupid docter. do they really think it would make sense to send someone to push my wheel chair, but put me right back into work?!